Duplus2 can cut it two ways at once

Introduced to American panel processors at the IWF show in Atlanta last year, Schelling’s Duplus2 concept will be on view once again at the upcoming Ligna Hanover trade fair scheduled to begin late this May in Germany.

Using what the company calls “revolutionary technological advances,” the Duplus2 system increases productivity of single axis beam saws by using two independent feeders to position the material in the saw. This allows for simultaneous cutting of the head and main piece or cutting of staggered patterns with one cut.

Intended for use with Schelling’s high-speed fh4, fh6 and fh8 beam saws, the Duplus2 feature enables “extremely fast cycling speeds, allowing for unprecedented production output.”

The design of the fh series of machines centers around Schelling’s Evolution saw carriage and is enhanced through exclusive PLUS+ features such as speed, power and precision.

With Duplus2, the turntable in the roller table rotates the board by 90 degrees and the head cut is executed according to the cut pattern. The head piece is then moved to the crosscut fence and pushed into the second feeder by the operator. The main piece is automatically rotated back 90 degrees and taken over by the main feeder. Both pieces are now independently positioned for the first cut. The head part is now being finished, while the main part is cut into strips.

The first two strips of the main piece are turned 90 degrees and moved against the crosscut fence. The second feeder clamps the first strip while the second strip is clamped by the main feeder. Both strips are now independently positioned for the first and subsequent cuts. Depending on the strip width, only the clamps that are needed are engaged. The clamps are automatically controlled by the saw.

The last two strips of the main piece are processed as previously explained. Automatic loading saws with separate infeed pushers can load and align a new board, while the previous one is being processed. If only the second feeder is needed for the last crosscuts, the main feeder will load and align a new book or just retrieve the next, already loaded, book.


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