IMA and Schelling Get Ready for the Big One

When Ligna Hanover opens its five-day run in Germany on May 30, total attendance is likely to exceed the 83,000 visitors who showed up in 2009. Two years ago the world economy was tanking; today, market conditions are better, although not perfect. Still, there is every reason to be optimistic.

And this year, IMA Schelling are planning something entirely new for those who come to their combined booths in Hall 26 (#D63, D64, D65, D82 and E59). Altogether, the companies will occupy 2,322 square meters or approximately 25,000 square feet.

According to Rene Fritz, regional sales manager for IMA Schelling America, and Peter Tuenker, managing director of IMA Schelling America, this is the first time that the two companies will be mounting a joint Ligna exhibit, although they have already shown together at events in the United States and Asia.  A few pieces of drilling and hardware insertion equipment from Priess & Horstmann will also be shown.

The featured attraction, say Tuenker and Fritz, will be the demonstration of an “automated high-production Batch Size 1 system performing a complete, fully integrated manufacturing process.”

“We will take onlookers from cutting to size of kitchen cabinet components, through precision edgebanding and drilling, right up to the point where the parts are ready to be assembled,” says Tuenker.

Because it uses advanced computer controls, the system can accommodate batch sizes of as little as one piece and yet maintain high production speed, the IMA Schelling executive declares.

Tuenker notes that laser edgebanding technology also is sure to intrigue visitors. “Essentially glueless, this method enables a shop to basically weld the edgebanding material seamlessly to the board. It eliminates the glue line and improves speed and accuracy.” The laser edgebanding innovation was initially unveiled at the 2009 Ligna Fair, but this will be the first time woodworkers can see it in action as part of an integrated system.

Fritz says additional attractions at the booth will include the following from Schelling:

–A fully automated board inventory system for efficient storage and retrieval; this is designed to work in direct conjunction with Schelling’s latest cut-to-size panel saw technology

–Automatic third-phase cutting on a single-axis beam saw

–Duplus2 dual feeder technology

–Fully automatic label printing and label application at single-axis beam saws

–New software for real-time simulation of work processes, using the customer’s own data; this is intended to give clients “see-it-themselves” assurance that a job will come out right even before it has gone into full production.

Additional IMA products on display will include:

–Laser technology for a stationary machining center

–The company’s newest plasma technology for glueless edgebanding

Overall, IMA Schelling will send approximately 150 staffers to Ligna. In addition to setting up, demonstrating and maintaining the companies’ equipment, these people will perform sales, purchasing and educational functions.

Tuenker explains, “Besides the booths we have in Hall 26, the main industrial building, we will have a presence at booth F18 in Hall 11, the craftsmen section. Here, we will be participating with other members in an organization called the Lightweight Board Network. This group will be running a series of seminars throughout the five days, and IMA Schelling personnel are on the schedule to present some of these programs.”

Beyond this, says Tuenker, there also will be social events on more than one evening—presented after hours in the booth area and featuring refreshments and live music.

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