Performance One designed for batch sizes of one

The machine-based production of furniture components is changing to respond to the needs of the customer and requires a flexible production process. Investment in innovative technology for the future is the key to long-term success.

Performance.one enables batch-size-one production without complexity. With Performance.one, IMA has developed sophisticated automation for flexible batch-size-one production that requires a minimum of personnel and sets new standards in terms of flexibility.

The fabrication of furniture components is dominated by small batch sizes and high quality standards. In this process, complete processing on one machine reduces setup and machining times. The Performance.one made by IMA is a modular concept for panel sizing and edgebanding machines of the Novimat and Combima types. Batch-size-one production is becoming possible without the need to make large investments and without requiring much setup.

Performance.one has been developed for custom production and small batch size production runs.

The flexible processing line for panel sizing, edgebanding and finishing consists of a single-side edgebander with IMA processing unit technology that is matched to the specific application. The servo infeed table for automatic panel infeed can be equipped with an alignment system to fabricate panels with a high degree of dimensional and angular accuracy. A return conveyor returns the panels back to the infeed of the machine, where the machining program for each panel is identified and loaded by barcode.

The servo infeed and alignment system for feeds the panels into a single-side edgebanding machine independent of their lengths and widths, and allows manufacturers to fabricate parts with accurate squareness, parallelism and absolute dimensional stability.

The IMA laser technology can also be integrated in the Performance.one package. IMA applies the laser technology to create a bond with the surface making the co-extruded edging an integral part of the board substrate. Accurate processing of both materials allows for identical colors and an invisible joint. Without heating times and with reduced setup times, the laser technology increases capacity and minimizes rejects.

The contour milling unit (KFA) offers high feed rates for process security and repeatability. The arrangement of the tracing system ensures that the tracing forces act perpendicularly to the surface of the workpiece. The large tracer wheel provides a high quality surface finish, little contact pressure and smooth rolling properties. Modern drive technology allows for high dynamics and minimizes wear and tear on the mechanical parts. Setting up the milling motor, which is tilted at 45 degrees, to the edge profile occurs through axial axis adjustment without tracer wheel change, so related setup times are eliminated. This process is carried out within the time of the panel spacing, which results in significantly increased productivity.

The machines are controlled by the ICOS Open controller from IMA. The PC-based control system with integrated PLC and electronic line point control has a user-friendly HMI with Windows standards. Interfaces enable functions such as barcode control with stationary scanners or via mobile handheld radio scanners as well as tape management. Connection to customer software means job and program data can be received from external sources, or the transfer of production messages can be integrated.

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