Cells handle high-end panel processing

Fetzer Architectural Woodwork makes high-end architectural woodwork paneling, doors, and cabinets, many with a solid edge applied by an IMA edgebander.

John Peterson, in charge of marketing for Fetzer, says the Salt Lake City company has one Schelling panel saw and press dedicated to custom veneer paneling for high-end architectural projects, and another panel area dedicated to high end cabinets and overflow from the first cell.

“Additional volume of similar work has allowed us to eliminate our night shift and complete all work during the first shift, reducing power consumption,” he says.

Fetzer also has a Torwegge double-end tenoner, veneer splicers, multiple guillotines, multiple CNCs and a Heeseman multi-stage sander.

The IMA edgebander can apply 0.5 x 2.25 inch solid edges. The previous machine could only go to 1.875 inch.

“We also added a shaping station at the end of the edgebander so we can add a spline into a panel that is edgebanded in the same pass,” he says. There are no special features of the saws being used, just processing optimizations. Fetzer uses its own ERP system to keep track of information.

Peterson says the company’s total volume of panels cut went from 18,286 sheets in 2008 with two panel saws, to 48,600 sheets in 2012 with five panel saws.

Overall, Fetzer is now operating in three facilities. “We have two panel saws at our main facility, two at our secondary facility and one at Fetzer Retail Solutions. We have also added a complete veneering/pressing line and full production facility at our secondary 100,000 square foot location. We brought Fetzer Retail Solutions online this year with a Schelling FH6 and IMA contour edgebander (35,000 square feet). We have more than doubled our manufacturing capacity since 2005.”

In addition, revenues have increased from roughly $20 million in 2005 to $62 million for the woodworking portion of the business in 2011.

“Being able to manufacture our own panels, with custom veneer faces, and solid edges (edge on first) has differentiated us as a company with extreme control over the quality and beauty of our end product,” Peterson says. “We use these machines to help perpetuate our company’s more than 100-year legacy of woodwork of exceptional quality.”

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