IMA Schelling to exhibit at Ligna in Hanover, Germany

At this year’s Ligna exhibition in Hanover, Germany, Schelling & IMA will exhibit their products and services in one main booth together with their German alliance partner for automated assembly technology, Priess & Horstmann Montagetechnik in Hall 26, Booth D82. The two alliance companies will also exhibit together in a second booth in Hall 11, Booth D49 to show equipment geared towards the small shop and wood craftsman.

The main theme for both IMA and Schelling at this year’s Ligna exhibition will be batchsize 1 processing. Both companies will exhibit machines and systems for automated processing of made-to-order components for the furniture industry. Here are some of examples of Schelling’s & IMA’s exhibits:

–          IMA, Schelling and their partner Priess & Horstmann will present a complete processing line of advanced machinery for batchsize 1 processing from cutting or nesting of panels through edgebanding, drilling and hardware insertion to final assembly of furniture components.

–          IMA will debut the newly designed Performance Cut a high speed nesting system that can reach capacities of over 1,000 parts/shift with a single router spindle configuration.

–          IMA will also show laser edgebanding technology on linear edgebanding machines  as well as stationary machines to process irregular shaped parts

–          Another world debut will be IMA’s new series of movable gantry routers. These machines – named the Gx series of machines – can be used for processing of a variety of products and materials such as particleboard, MDF or solid wood, flat panel products or doors or stairs. The Gx line of machines allows for 5-axis processing as well as edgebanding of parts

–          IMA will furthermore show its IMAGIC line of throughfeed drilling machines. These machines can either be configured with traditional drill blocks or with individually selectable spindles

–          Schelling will showcase its own area storage system, improving the integration and efficiency of how the saw and storage system perform together.  In our booth in Hall 26, the fh 6 is fed in directly from the storage system, while the fh 4 is fed via an infeed roller conveyor.

–          Schelling will also show their s 45 cut-to-size saw with miter cut in combination with one of their area storage systems. This technology allows miters of up to 46 degrees to be set with a continuously variable control.

–          Schelling will demonstrate the improvements made to their software, including the HPO 4.0 cutting pattern optimization, the XBoB 4.0 remnant management program, and StorageManager 2.0.  These software upgrades improve user interface as well as production and efficiency on the production line.

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