Able Architectural : Using the best equipment to keep things simple

16The website for Able Architectural Woodworks (www.ablearchitecturalwoodworks.com) is clean, uncluttered as well as easy to follow and navigate. A click on the video testimonial lets you realize that cutting out the so-called middle man has enabled things to go even smoother for this Phoenix, Ariz., shop.

03And the company could not be happier with the premium tools and tooling they acquired from IMA-Schelling America to complete the various tasks in the medical industry in a timely manner. Behind the scenes at Able Architectural Woodworks, good planning, in addition to the best equipment for the job at hand, means everyone gets what they want.

Able Architecture Woodworks is particularly suited to what they do. The company’s niche is component manufacturing – not something all shops offer. They also are very good at doing work for other cabinet shops when needed. This means that at times their primary customers actually consist of other cabinet shops, those swamped with extra work or a tight deadline.

In addition to this extra shop work, Able Architecture also does cabinet work for medical centers and schools of all types. The shop prides itself on how workflow is set up in their operations. “We have gotten to where we are today because we pride ourselves on our cabinet shop procedures being carried out smoothly, efficiently and most importantly, safely,” explains Steve Littleton, Able Architectural owner.

“These sound like basic simple operational goals, but they can be a challenge to establish. Once you are able to get a handle on these three key ends in any business, the work will get done quickly and your business, especially your cabinetmaking operations, will succeed.”

05Able Architectural Woodwork’s key machinery includes the usual panel saws, routers and machining centers. But in addition to that equipment that also have a dowel insertion and case clamp – critical to their operation. This cabinetmaking operation also makes great use of the Schelling FH6, IMA Novimat and the IMA BIMA 200 long bed equipment.

“The way that the IMA and Schelling machines have improved our processes and procedures is that we know each day we use this equipment that it will work; these are dependable pieces of equipment,” adds Littleton. “We now have much less downtime as well as far fewer production mistakes through tight tolerances.”

Other improvements that Able Architecture has made in their manufacturing capabilities has included continual updating of machinery. For the most part the company’s bread and butter work has consisted of standard commercial projects. The firm’s future plans include the purchase of a larger building for its operations. Littleton would also like to add two more manufacturing centers to his company’s operations.

The company has worked on projects as varied as commercial cabinets for healthcare facilities, offices, institutional and industrial, retail environments as well as parks and recreation. As described on the company’s website, they provide unique designs simply not found with standard cabinet suppliers.

Able Architectural Woodworks’ custom cabinets can feature odd dimensions to fit the feel of a room, house, or office, reflect various styles, from contemporary to old world as well. Cabinet woodworking in Able’s work typical includes the use of joints, wooden dowels, bevels, chamfers and shelving systems and utilizing finishing tools to create edgings.

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