Technology allows millwork company to produce custom work efficiently

Production levels and accuracy have increased.

Linn Millwork specializes in designing, manufacturing and installing commercial millwork. Customers are small to large size commercial contractors.Tuesday {month name} 4, 2014

“We pride ourselves on being a custom rather than production millwork shop,” Linn Millwork’s Kasia Robinson said. “We are members of AWMAC and have invested in technology that allows us to provide superior quality products with maximum efficiency. We also provide installation services which many other commercial cabinet shops aren’t able to offer.”

Robinson said that a job starts at the estimating level at the Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, company. “Once the tender is accepted, it is turned over to our engineering department where we use Planit’s CabinetVision program to create a project and produce machining codes,” she said. “From there, the project goes to the shop floor where it gets cut up with our Schelling fh4 beam saw, edgebanded with our IMA Advantage 70 edgebander, drilled with our Biesse Rover A 1332 five-axis CNC and then assembled by our cabinetmakers. If there is finishing involved, we also have a custom spray booth.”

Linn optimizes their materials and sends the machining code from the engineering office directly to the Schelling fh4 beam saw. This saw is capable of multiple sheet cuts with little physical effort.

“The saw will handle plywood, solid lumber, plastic and odd angle cuts with ease,” said Linn’s Rick Koehn. “Blade changes are quick and the component pLinn2ieces of the fh4 are made for continuous daily use. We consider the Schelling line of beam saws to be the best-built in the world.”

The IMA Advantage 70 edgebander can attach 0.5 mm PVC edge tape as easily as solid wood 19 mm thick. Most edges, material types and thicknesses are adjusted and controlled by CNC technology. Edges can be preheated with infrared beams and cut edges are pre-machined for virtually invisible glue edges.

Previously, Linn Millwork used two Altendorf sliding table saws and manual cutlists. “Because of its ease of use, the Schelling saw has been one of the only machines we have purchased where we saw an immediate return on our investment,” Koehn said. “Our production levels increased dramatically, labor costs decreased and the cutting accuracy was always consistent.”

The shop in Saskatoon is approximately 12,000 square feet. Linn Millwork currently has three office staff, nine shop employees and two installers.

The company has also worked to improve its own processes. “We have made many changes from fine tuning our office procedures and the way a job is organized and handled before it even hits the shop floor,” Koehn said. “As our machines advanced, the computer became the driver of all cutting and processing operations. Every product piece now has a computer generated bar code which is read and milled by the appropriate machine. This technology has allowed time tracking of each station, each employee and each piece of product from design to jobsite delivery. Keeping track of our job costing has allowed us to pinpoint any bottlenecks and take action in correcting them.”Linn3

For the future, the company is looking into manufacturing outdoor cabinetry using King Starboard plastic panels. They have manufactured some built-in barbeque units already and are fine tuning the process and machining required for using plastic with their machinery and assembly stages.

Linn Millwork also recently finished the final design of their new website, www.linnmillwork.com.

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