IMA and Schelling features at Booth 6462/6263 at IWF 2014

Schelling will feature three different machine setups in its two booths at the 2014 IWF show. At the main booth, Schelling will have a fully functional, industrial board storage and retrieval system, type vs8, in operation, paired with the high-speed industrial panel saw, type fh6. The vs8 storage system will automatically deliver material from storage to the cut-to-size panel saw fh6.

The entire work cycle will be demonstrated, from optimization of the cut patterns in the office with Schelling’s own HPO optimization software, to downloading the cut patterns to the storage system and panel saw, to pick and placing the material from storage onto the saw, to cutting the pattern and returning rest-pieces back into storage, and to retrieving the rest-piece again for later cut patterns. Schelling will also demonstrate their XBob rest part management system in conjunction with the fh6 panel saw for maximum material usage.Peter Hübbe - Fotodesign 2009www.peterhuebbe.com

The XBoB 4.0, a program that allows an efficient administration of remainder boards in a manual or automatic storage system. These remainders are automatically taken into account and used by the cutting pattern optimization HPO, with well-designed interfaces between control, operator and machine.

In the second booth, the company will show Schelling’s new type s45 panel saw for the first time in the United States. This patented machine combines the flexibility of sliding table saws with the output capacity, precision and superior cut finish of industrial panel saws into one machine. The saw carriage (saw blade) can tilt up to 46 degrees for angle cuts. The machine also has the capability of miter cutting, infinite grooving, symmetric cutting with laser light and more features.

The third system that Schelling is exhibiting at this year’s IWF is their fk4 plastics saw. Schelling, the leader in wood, plastics, non-ferrous metal and steel cutting is demonstrating the wealth of knowledge the company has retained over many years of working with many different types of materials.

In the main booth IMA is showing their BIMA 400 E CNC-machining center with edgebanding capabilities. This machine has been configured for a well-known parts supplier in the Midwest who will take delivery of two of these machines after the IWF show. The BIMA 400 E is equipped to process any type of irregularly shaped part with a variety of coiled edgeband materials ranging from 1 mm thickness up to 3 mm.

The other IMA machine in the main booth is a Novimat Contour R3 highly automated edgebander. This machine allows the changeover and processing of 4 different edge thicknesses in a gap of no more than 2’ in between panels. IMA will process multiple edgebands in a variety of thicknesses and colours that will be processed instantaneously without the need to empty the machine or manually adjust any working units in the machine.Schelling_s 45 %28Custom%29 (1)

In the second booth IMA America is presenting the Advantage 500L edgebander. Come and see what numerous North American IMA customers already know: the most reliable edgebander brand in the world is also an affordable choice. For a viewing of the most successful and economical edgbanders in action.

Next to the Advantage 500 L edgebander IMA will show the newly designed Advantage 400 L edgebander. This machine features all of the functionality of the Advantage 500 L at a more economic price point.

At the IWF IMA will run all of their edgebanders with either colored EVA glues or PUR glue. The goal is to show IWF visitors the wide range of high end looks one can accomplish (including high gloss kitchen cabinet doors) when using “traditional” inexpensive gluing technology.

Come and see us in booths 6446 and 6263!


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