Schelling apprentices learn how their saw technology is applied in woodworking

Schelling Anlagenbau is a metal processing company that produces high-standard saws for various industries and materials, especially for the furniture industry and woodworking craftsmen. This results in the discrepancy that the apprentices are being training in metalworking, but they didn’t learn anything about the daily business of Schelling’s customers in the areas of wood and plastics. “User days” are intended to address this.

Schelling training officer Jurgen Pircher was able to offer nine of his apprentices something special during their third apprenticeship year. For once, the topic wasn’t helping in the production of saws, but rather about using their own saw technology the way that Schelling customers do. The task: Design a simple piece of furniture and build it. This would have to be planned on paper first by everyone. Next, the focus was placed on cutting plan optimization using the Schelling HPO 4.0 computer program. This program was used to utilize the board optimally, a test it passed with flying colors.Schelling apprenticeship2

The second day was committed to realizing the plans. The Schelling fh 6, a cut-to-size saw for wood materials in the semi-industrial area, was used to process the cutting plans. The automatically generated labels that define every sawed piece exactly turned out to be especially helpful. This enabled the apprentices to start with assembly of the furniture quickly, which was completed using sawed grooves and without glue or screws, which was especially challenging. The result was the production of pieces that the apprentices themselves could use.

“It’s important that every employee has clear understanding of how customers work on our machines,” explained training officer Pircher. “Which is why our apprentices learn from us how our saws are used.” This high-tech company based in Schwarzach, Austria, constantly trains about 30 apprentices and employs new trainees in five professionals every year.

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