Schelling helps Noberne open new doors

For Schelling performance and quality are not a question of money. Introducing the Schelling fh 3 cut-to-size saw: economically priced, high quality yet compact.

Noberne Doors Ltd, based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, was founded nearly 40 years ago as a manufacturer of timber doors, and is one of Britain’s premier brands, supplying bespoke, high performance fire doors, acoustic doors, external thermal rated doors, bullet resistant doors and X-ray doors.

Near the top of Noberne Door’s wish list was the desire to purchase a compact saw requiring minimal floor space without a loss in build quality, capacity and travel speed.  Schelling, which continues to evolve as a total solution provider and to develop its product range to match customer needs, has satisfied Noberne’s wishes by combining high technology in a compact size. The fh 3 cut-to-size saw is an ideal cutting machine for smaller sized companies. Schelling now offers a more affordable solution, which is compact so if workshop space is limited then this is an ideal solution, saving space and money.
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Trevor Watson, production manager from Noberne Doors, explained, “Against a background of limited factory space it was important to choose a saw that was compact, yet able to achieve our production targets, without compromise, and since its installation the fh3 has delivered on all counts.”

Due to the working shift patterns at Noberne Doors it is important to get as much cutting as possible completed during a shift. The fh 3 has the advantage of an automatic short stroke pressure beam which only lifts and lowers as far as the actual book height requires, leading to faster cycle times when cutting material. Combined with this option is the automatic feature, which detects the material book height and adjusts the saw height projection to the optimal cutting height. For Noberne both these machine features have produced increased production output.

To be successful in the board industry, responding swiftly to specific customer demands (such as varying sizes, widths or finishes) is a matter of increasing importance. The fh 3 processes a wide variety of timber materials using a powerful 14 kW motor, which has the capacity for both small batch production and fast throughput of larger orders.

In addition to standard machine features, the Schelling fh 3 is able to offer a range of options that can be added to suit individual requirements such as grooving, window cutting and an angle cut option. A standard feature on the fh 3 is the viewing window in the pressure beam cover which offers the operator good visibility when cutting. Another option of particular interest to Noberne Doors is the format device that allows for cutting material with surface overhang around the panel. The formatting device guarantees precise machining of projecting surface veneers.

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