IMA Klessmann GmbH of Luebbecke, Germany and Schelling Anlagenbau of Schwarzach, Austria strengthen their North American Strategic Alliance. The German manufacturer of high end panel processing solutions and the Austrian specialist of state of the art cut to size systems have been cooperating globally on the sales and marketing side for decades.

Both companies have been active with their own offices in North America for many years. IMA America was founded in 1998 as a link between the North American customers and IMA technology “Made in Germany”. The roots of Schelling America go back to 1986 when Schelling America was founded in Raleigh, North Carolina.

In 2007 the Strategic North American Alliance between IMA America and Schelling America was announced to strengthen the ability of both companies to offer solutions to all of their North American customers. Since that announcement Schelling America and IMA America have worked out of the same sales- and service office in Morrisville, North Carolina. With this success the number of employees for both companies grew to 35 employees working for both companies today.


Schelling America, Inc. and IMA America Corp.
301 Kittyhawk Drive
Morrisville, NC 27560
P.O. BOX 80367
27623 Raleigh NC
United States
Tel 001 919 544-0430
Fax 001 919 544-0920

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